Your conversion rate is the actual number of paid bookings (via Online Booking or Items List) divided by the number of booking requests or enquiries received. 

What is the benefit of a high conversion rate?
A high conversion rate helps lift your listing in search results, making your property more visible to travellers.

To maintain a high listing quality:
  • Accept online booking requests that you receive and reply and pre-approve enquiries
  • Block your calendar for all confirmed bookings (once you approve an Online Booking, your calendar will automatically block) or dates when your property is unavailable
  • Set customised rates for at least 12 months
  • Show 6-24 high resolution photos of your property that are free from clutter, people, pets and text
  • Encourage travellers to leave reviews
  • Respond to all booking requests and enquiries within 24 hours
  • Ensure your description and features/amenities accurately reflect your property
How does a low conversion rate affect my listing?
Your conversion rate is a key element of your listing’s position in search results. A low conversion rate directly limits your ability to move up in search results and gain exposure to travellers and bookings.
We also appreciate that some travellers will enquire on your property and won’t stay. The nature of our site means this happens to all owners. Simply maintain a high listing quality to maximise qualified booking requests and enquiries, as this ensures you have the best chance to convert.