Online Booking is a trusted and easy way for travellers to book your property. Travellers enter their payment details (either Visa or Mastercard) when they request a booking. You are notified when the request is submitted and have up to 24 hours to accept, edit or decline the request. 

If the booking request is accepted, your calendar is blocked and the traveller is automatically charged for the booking according to dates and amounts pre-set in Owner Admin by you. You will receive the deposit payment within 3 business days of the booking being accepted, and the final payment within 3 business days after your traveller’s arrival date. 

If a traveller is not ready to submit a booking request and messages you to ask questions about your property or get more details, you can correspond with them until you both agree to proceed with a booking. To initiate an online booking, simply reply and pre-approve an enquiry, through Owner Admin.

Here is what you need to be Online Booking ready