Stayz has added an additional layer of security to protect your Owner's Admin by using security questions as part of your log in process. You will also be asked to choose two security questions from a drop down list and create your answers. A third, custom security question will also be required as part of this process. This third security question will be used for verification processes when calling through to the Customer Service team.

An ideal security question is something that only you know. Some users choose a security question answer that does not relate to the question. For example “The Sound of Music” in response to “Your mother’s maiden name?” This can increase security, but you need to be careful to remember the answer.

Although you may find it inconvenient to create and remember these security questions, it is very important. Having this second level of authentication is an excellent way to prevent unauthorized logins. Each time you log in from a new device, you will be asked one of the security questions.