All Stayz property will be automatically distributed to all the HomeAway brands mentioned below, providing more exposure to travellers all over the world, once minimum content has been met.  

User-added image

If you meet the following minimum content, your property will be automatically listed on the above sites without any additional costs. 
  • Property Name: Min 20 characters - Max 80 characters
  • Property Type:  needs to be completed
  • Description: Min 400 characters - Max 10000 characters
  • Max guests: more than 0
  • No. of bedrooms: more than 0
  • No. of bathrooms: more than 0
  • Map: Should be set to one of the 3 plot options available (exact, street or suburb) 
  • Address: Must be the property address and must be complete (this is never published)
  • Rates have to be completed
  • Photos Minimum 6 photos, Max 24 photos

The above listing content needs to be updated within the Stayz Owner's Admin. Once updated, this content will be fed through to HomeAway daily.