How will I manage my enquiries without Items List?
You can continue to manage any enquiries received by replying and pre-approving through Owner Admin. We will reward you for converting an enquiry into an Online Booking and this will be reflected in your Listing Dashboard. Click here to understand your Listing Dashboard.

What will happen to my conversion if Items List is removed?
Your conversion will not be affected, if you continue to reply and pre-approve all enquiries received. To review your conversion rate, visit your Listing dashboard in Owner Admin.

How do I pay commission for an offline booking? 
​All bookings will need to be managed through Online Booking. Enquiries that are taken offline will not be rewarded for conversion and this may affect your placement in the search results negatively.

Will travellers still be able to send enquiries?
Yes, travellers will still be able to send a message on your property. These enquiries will need to be converted to a booking request, by replying and pre-approving to be rewarded for conversion. Click here for more information on conversion.

Will I still be able to add Owner bookings?
Yes you will, this process will continue as per normal. 

Why am I still receiving enquiries on my Items List?
If you've received communication about changes to your Items List, please note that you will still continue to receive Items List for enquiries, that were received prior to your cut off date, with a check in and check out date in the future. If you have questions regarding this, please contact the customer service team by clicking on the Contact Us button.