When making an enquiry through Stayz, we will receive a copy of the initial enquiry for our records, we respond to the Traveller with a price and next steps (this is an automated email response) and include security guidelines – and we also forward a copy to the Property Manager/Owner with the details of the enquiry so they can contact the Traveller directly to ask any questions and confirm the booking.

We’re aware that fraudulent activity can occur, and a number of stringent security measures in place in order to ensure Traveller safety. These include regular internal audits, a closed enquiry system, software that allows us to capture scam activity, and a verification system on our properties listed on our site. 
Stayz is not party to any communications that occur outside our system via direct email to email, so we highly recommend you take the following steps to ensure the transaction completes online with no loss to you. 
  • Too good to be true deals or significantly lower rates than other similar properties in the area
  • A change in price, location or other significant detail after your initial enquiry
  • Offering you accommodation you never enquired on. This is what is known as a bait property. Please ensure you made an enquiry on the property you are booking
  • Discounts if you pay within a certain time period
  • Links to other websites outside of Stayz where the property is listed on an alternative website
  • Transferring funds to a bank account located outside of Australia

Stayz highly recommends you pay via our online payment system wherever possible and if you are concerned about any response you receive, please contact Customer Service by clicking on the Contact us button at the bottom of this page.